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October 25, 2016



Residential boosting system at constant pressure; VFD specially developed thanks to the strong experience with the HydroController.


Special attention has been addressed to electronic engineering and to
the desing of a modern concept. The device is supplied on a metal pipe, with no valve inside, so that the cooling is excellent and there is no flow losses.


The installation is directly on the pipe, cooled by water and the device has a built-in pressure sensor.
The device has an ON/OFF input for a float switch or remote control and an output contact relay that can be used as a warning signal or to built boosting system with a second pump at a fixed rate.

Available the new advanced model to realize booster set with 2 or more pumps. The communication is CanBus protocol and guarantees the alternation of the pumps and the option Multimaster (in case of failure of a component of the system automatically reconfigures itself)

E-Power is a patented product