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Februar 20, 2018
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Februar 20, 2018

Models NS[standard sensitivity]

Particularly suitable to control water and liquids for a total resistance of 5.6 ohm max. The control unit can also be distant from the probes 1000 m.
The use of NS provides an outstanding operational reliability, being not sensitive to humidity, very common in wells and tanks.

Models AS [high sensitivity]

To control liquids with low conductivity, rainwater for example the AS type is particurarly suitable. These models permit liquids with a very high total resistance up to 70 Kohm, to be controlled.

Models SR [ adjustable sensitivity]

For the control of conductive liquids with unknown conductivity this model is essential which controls up to 100 Kohm.
Benefits: Easy to install and the experience of Mac3 ensures ideal operation for use in water systems.



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