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Silvano Pedrollo Pedrollo SpA

Mac3 is reference point for float switch suppliers. Their service is next to none, thank you for your professionalism, promptness and efficiency.  Dynamic and Innovative, Mac3 is capable of providing technologically advanced products and adapt to the increasingly high demands of its users.

Ing. Amedeo Valente Lowara XylemGroup

Mac3 is a historical supplier of Lower and FLygt.  As far as product reliability is concerned, the quality level has always been very good. Mac3 has always proved itself to be an innovation-oriented company.

Michele Leone DWT & Grundfos

Mac3 is a reliable supplier that has contributed to the growth of our company. Dynamic and Innovative is inherent in the DNA of their president Mirian Ronchi

Giuseppe Speroni Speroni SpA

La ditta MAC 3 è il principale fornitore di interruttori a galleggianti. I prodotti oltre che riconosciuti a livello internazionale, sono molto affidabili e l'elasticità della produzione, personalizzazioni comprese, non teme rivali.L'innovazione è sempre presente, come la dinamicità dell'azienda

Jerzy Sznajder PompArt - Polonia

Mac3 costtuisce uno dei più importanti fra i nostri fornitori.

Myle T.Tran(Ms.) - Koshin Ltd. - Japan

Mac3 is a very important supplier, the quality is very good and even when we found the defective goods, you replied promptly. Also we've been so pleased to your kindly encourage when it was happened the earthquake.

Nelson Urbano Meza - Koslan - Cile

Mac3 has been a strong partner and a very good friend of Koslan. We feel Mac3 close to us, no matter the distance between our companies, with is Post Sales Services. We think the success of Mac3 has built over the base of its philosophy; new solutions for the same problem.

Kappanoszki Erika - NIVELCO - Ungheria

The quality and customer service is prime, the service is fast, flexible and responsive.

Jadwiga Bucata - Metalchem - Polonia

MAC3 is for us very reliable supplier of float level switches.

Shaun Nelson - Eurotec - New Zeland

Mac3 is our most important, valued and strategic suppliers: is a partner in our business. We have built our reputation on the Mac3 reputation of being a quality orientated and trusted supplier.

Carlos Rosado - CORPORACXION TRIFRAN S.A.C. - Peru

The company's MAC 3 is a strategic partner for us in Peru. High quality products and easy installation.

Antonio de Jesus - Saer de Venezuela - Venezuela

Mac3 is first my friends, and a very important supplier.


MAC3 is not only a valuable Seller or Supplier but also a good friends to us. All these years, since we started business with MAC3 we have excellent relationship to the highest esteem both for our business ability and integrity.

Udo Nacke - X Con - Germany

Mac3 is the live evidence to disprove the occasionally heard pretension. Italian companies "don't work that hard" or "work less efficiently" etc. Mac3 has, from the very beginning, been very hard and efficiently working. Quality of the products has always been excellent. And "Mr. Mac3", Dott. Mirian Ronchi, has not only been one of the best inventors and managers but also a personality of charisma, warmth and last but not least humour that can’t be found very ofen.

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